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Halendor: Bad Divinity

Book #4 of 21 Halendor Series

Pages: 424

Fantasy/Science Fiction; Strong Female Lead

ISBN: 978-1-943549-88-7

eBook: $4.99 | Print:  $18.95

Available at all of your favorite booksellers.

Seven Boxes. Seven Keys. Seven Powers.

The Elements are back, training their powers with the knowledge that peace never lasts for long – and their fears hold true when a powerful sorceress comes to town with the intention of claiming the Ascending Light: the source of power for a Princess of Halendor.

In the weeks since their last battle, Aurora has found herself dreaming of visions she can’t quite explain, but when a demon lurks within the shadows of her mind, she must ask herself an important question – can the world only be black and white?

Aurora, Eric, Britney, Lina, and Aaron have found unity, in their powers and their strength as friends, but with Lisa’s departure to Halendor, their dynamic has shifted and they find their confidence in question. Tasked with gathering seven boxes and keys that hold an immense power, the Elements will face new enemies and find new friends in a harrowing adventure.

A new foe lurks in the shadows, and if the Elements cannot band together, they may not survive.

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZFK43G/

Halendor: Unsealed Wrath

Unsealed Wrath 1800

Book #3 of 21 Halendor Series

Pages: 431

Fantasy/Science Fiction; Strong Female Lead

ISBN: 978-1-943549-98-6

eBook: $4.99 | Print:  $18.95

Available at all of your favorite booksellers.

Aurora, Eric, Britney, Lina, and Aaron are the Elements, the most powerful modern-day coven to walk the worlds. The five friends are just starting to show promise in their abilities, but there are those who will do anything to undermine their progress. The Elements have defeated powerful enemies and made new allies in only a few short months, and now it’s time to face their greatest threat so far: their predecessors. The five previous Elements have been brought back from the brink by the Seer with only one condition – kill or be killed. 

While Elements new and old clash, villainous forces pulling the strings are making final preparations to free their Mistress, Ira, the Queen of Wrath from her magical seal. With everything on the line and foes that know how to use their powers better than they do, the Elements must find a way to overcome the odds in order to protect everyone they hold dear.

Secrets will be revealed and alliances will be made, and when the fabled Lost Princess is identified, the war for her life will bring everything to a head.

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Unsealed-Wrath-Halendor-Lloydd-Marshall/dp/1943549982